Black Box Theatre Company

To me what makes Black Box special is how no matter what no one feels left out. Black Box is extremely inclusive and there truly is a place for every single person here. Even if you aren’t into performing! Especially now with all the new classes and teachers the Black Box has. It truly is becoming all-inclusive. Something else that makes Black Box so special is how much you learn here. Not only do you learn about aspects of theatre, you are set on a straight path to have a very successful and fun acting journey. It also teaches you things outside of acting, singing, and dancing. You learn lots of valuable skills: teamwork, public speaking, and you gain a lot of self-confidence! To me, Black Box is a safe space where I always feel safe and whatever has happened to me that day is irrelevant because of how I’m treated there! I’m treated as a valuable member of a team, and even better, part of a family.

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