Black Box Theatre Company

What It's Like

Casting Panel

Waiting for the cast list to go up can be difficult as an actor, but putting it together is just as hard. Beyond talent, there are SO many factors that go into casting a show. 

Do actors have chemistry?
Do they “go” together (i.e. height, age, etc.)?
If double casting a show, are the casts “balanced”?
Have we given enough younger/new talent a chance to prove themselves while still rewarding proven and talented alumni?

Casting is like a puzzle. 
“If we cast X as Mufasa, then there is nowhere to put Y. If we put Y as Mufasa, X could also pull off Scar.”

Sometimes casting is an indication of talent or being physically right for the role. Other times, it is being the perfect-sized puzzle piece to make this incredibly complicated puzzle come together. However, every time, the casting panel is doing its best to put together a cast that will work well together to create the best show possible.


Audition Tips


Know what the audition requirements are and reach out for clarification if needed. Know the show!

Ask for help! There are several ways to get feedback before your audition. Schedule a Private Lesson. Ask an experienced performer friend. There are many ways!

Look nice. Choose clothes that flatter you physically and reflect who you are, but stay away from anything too trendy. Wear clothes you can move in.

Think about how you want to be seen at this audition. Be yourself. Be confident. Be friendly. Be honest.

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time to give yourself time to prepare and fill out any necessary paperwork.

If you make a mistake, do not apologize or draw attention to the mistake. The casting panel may not even notice the mistake but. if you point it out, they will know for certain.


Be familiar with the show, plot, and characters. Consider attending a workshop.

Choose a similar style of song, but do not use a song from the show unless you are specifically asked.

The difference between a singer and an artist is their interpretation. Make the lyrics come alive.

Do use a backing track or karaoke version of your song. Do not sing along with another singer. 

Sing with expression by using your body (especially your face), but don’t overdo it. Avoid too many arm movements or unnatural gestures. 

Keep your hands and fingers relaxed. Do not play with your clothes or place your hands in your pockets. 

Do NOT chew gum or have a lozenge in your mouth while auditioning. 


Be sure your monologue is under the time limit.

Announce what monologue you will be performing and the name/play it comes from.

The audition panel wants to see something honest and truthful and something YOU connect with.

Choose a monologue that allows you to make strong choices and that has levels. Know your character. 

Do not mime opening a door, opening a window, etc.

Do not choose a monologue from a musical. The best monologues from musicals are turned into songs. 


If choreography is provided to you prior to the audition, know the choreo!

Do not throw a trick for the sake of throwing a trick. We are more interested in proper technique.

Dance auditions call for fitted clothing (leggings, leotards, tights, etc.) and normally in black. Bring a variety of footwear (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes, character heels) if you have them. KEEP HAIR OUT OF FACE!

Do be encouraging and supportive to others.
Do not chew gum or candy while auditioning.

Do take care of your body. Dance auditions can be arduous and your body needs to stay hydrated.


Add a slate to your video. To slate, you would add a section to your video stating your name, age, and height.

Video submissions should be framed from shoulders up. You should also include a full-body shot at the end of the video. The exception to this rule is for dance auditions. you should follow the dance wardrobe suggestions and have your entire body in the frame the whole time. 

You want to shine in this video, so light it up! Get creative and use anything you can find (i.e. ring lights, lamps, overhead lights, etc.).

You want us to focus on YOU, so use a plain wall or put up a backdrop so the focus stays where you want.

WATCH your video prior to submitting it! Make sure you can be heard clearly, seen clearly, and check for ambient noise, (i.e. dogs barking, doors shutting, etc.).

Follow ALL instructions. This is one way the panel tests to see if you can take direction. 

Make SURE your video is submitted before the deadline! Rendering and uploading a video file can be time-consuming. Leave plenty of time for this step. We suggest using WeTransfer free version.