Black Box Theatre Company

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Black Box Board as a Director at Large. Our by-laws state we must maintain an odd number of Directors at Large. It is important to note we elect new members every year as current members come up for election. Thank you for your interest!

We invite candidates to submit the attached application as this is a necessary step in being considered for nomination.

The deadline for application is August 15th of the current year.

Nominations are made at the September board meeting.

Candidates will be contacted by our Executive Director and/or Board President for follow up interviews. We will not be able to offer membership to all candidates due to the volume of applications. If we are unable to offer your membership, we hope to find other ways to get you involved with our organization. A slate of excellent candidates will be brought for a vote of the full Board at the October meeting.

Board Member Expectations
Directors at Large Responsibilities

    Please provide a brief biographical sketch of yourself or your resume.

    Please select all of your relevant skills, interests, and experiences.

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