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Conservatory Passion Project 2032-24

To celebrate and facilitate the progress and passion of our Black Box Conservatory students, we are grateful to continue the Conservatory Passion Project!

Under the umbrella of the Black Box mission with guidance and support from Brandy DeVol-Moss and/or Kelley Johnson along with available Black Box resources, Conservatory seniors of the Class of 2024 and former students of the Conservatory are able to submit a show proposal for an original work, one-act, full length play, musical, etc. Once the content is approved, they will produce, cast, direct, and market their choice of show, managing the production from start to finish.

Submit Your Proposal!

Accepted proposals and sponsorship recipients will be announced 10 days after each deadline.


For consideration for the Conservatory Passion Project, interested directors/producers must submit a proposal. 1-5 shows will be selected for the 2022-23 Passion Project season.

For performance(s) before May 6, 2024, proposals are due by November 27, 2023. For performance(s) between June 10 and August 12, 2024, proposals are due by March 18, 2024.

Production Sponsorship

1-3 Passion Project proposals from the graduating class of 2024 will be selected for sponsorship by Black Box Theatre Company.

Sponsorship includes:

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With consideration of the requested mentor from each proposal and mentor availability, a mentor (Brandy DeVol-Moss or Kelley Johnson) will be assigned to each Passion Project. The purpose of the mentor is to provide guidance and insight to help navigate the process of producing a show from beginning to end. The mentor is not responsible for any of the duties assigned to a director or producer; they are responsible for providing guidance and support as students tackle these duties independently. 

Mentorship guarantees a pre-production meeting, two meetings during the rehearsal process, and notes for a dress rehearsal. Mentors will always be available to answer additional production questions as needed.

Mentors are not responsible for creating marketing materials. Promotions and graphics should be created by the Student Director and/or Producer then submitted to with additional information and instructions to post/email.

The Student Director and/or Producer is responsible for all staffing for their production – including, but not limited to, lighting designer and operator, sound designer and operator, stage manager, stage crew, and house manager.

Rehearsals, tech/dress rehearsals, and performances

The Student Director and/or Producer can arrange rehearsals at Black Box Theatre Company based on availability and approval from the Executive Director. Rehearsals at Black Box must be facilitated by an adult approved by the Executive Director OR a member of Black Box faculty who has served as a lead teacher or in a comparable position. Rehearsals can also be arranged outside of the Black Box, but they will not be chaperoned or facilitated by Black Box Theatre Company. 

Passion Projects not selected for scholarship will receive two tech rehearsals in the Black Box space, and scholarship receipients will receive three. Tech rehearsals and performances at Black Box must be chaperoned by an adult approved by the Executive Director OR a member of Black Box faculty who has served as a lead teacher or in a comparable position.

Every Passion Project is limited to a maximum of FOUR performances.

Each Passion Project will receive 50% of the revenue from ticket sales of their individual Passion Project performance(s). They will need to reimburse any expenses charged to Black Box (outside of rights) from their 50% received.


Rights will be secured through the Black Box once the cost is estimated and the Student Director and/or Producer can supply the necessary funds to cover the expense.

additional notes

It is not recommended for the Student Director or Producer to cast themselves in a large role in their show as it hinders the ability to properly handle the additional responsibilities of a director or producer. 

To minimize costs, a black box-style show is recommended. 


For further questions, please contact