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Dandelion Child

Scholarship Award

in honor of Nanci S. Milam

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The Dandelion Child Scholarship Award is in honor of Nanci S. Milam who influenced the creation of the Black Box Theatre by always encouraging young people to find their light through art, literature, writing, and music. Her words, in our original mission, continue to guide our programming and teaching style.

Theatre is the house of life. It is not this thing or that thing, but rather it can be anything. Through the vehicle of theatre we cannot hope to be everything, but we can be something; something special, specific, and significant.

In her life, Nanci shared her light to encourage young people to follow their passions; many of whom went on to make careers as writers, musicians, lawyers, teachers, and performers. It is in her spirit that this scholarship award is formed. The intended purpose of the award is to remind young people, especially those who have an artist’s heart, that their contribution to the world is special and significant.

Honorees of the Dandelion Child Scholarship will be chosen from applications each spring and awarded to graduating seniors in high school and college who, like Nanci, have an interest in a study or a career in art, theatre, acting, music, music production, literature, languages, education and/or writing. The honorees will be admitted enrolled in, attending, or about to graduate from a four-year college or university program showing their value of education and well-roundedness.

Nanci S. Milam graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor of arts degree in French and English literature. She started with TRC Recording and spent 28 years as an operations and production manager for Aire Born Recording Studio, another 10 years with Bonneau Production Company, and was a partner in Cascella Cinemusic. A versatile talent, Nanci was a published lyricist and songwriter, short story author, novelist, and editor. She spent 25 years of her life as a resident of Lebanon.
The name of the program is influenced by one of Nanci’s poems:

Emily Fair

Dandelion Child
Dancing on air
A kiss at life
A laugh of care
Cloth of bold color
Invisible thread
Weaving mystery inside her head.

Bright as daybreak
Gentle of heart
Willow in the Wind.

Nanci S. Milam, Aire Born Recording Director of Operations, teaches Black Box students the process of studio recording before their hands-on application in front of the microphones.
Black Box students recording voice-overs and songs during their class at Aire Born Recording.

Information for Applicants


The Dandelion Child Scholarship Award is open to Black Box Theatre Company students who have performed (on- or off-stage) in two major shows or completed three or more classes. Awards will be considered for graduating high school seniors who have accepted admission to an accredited four-year college or university, and/or to graduating college or university seniors.

Applicants at both levels should submit an application and a detailed description of how the award would be used to further their artistic or community work (i.e. recording sessions, writing classes or sessions, self-publication, community outreach, teaching supplies).

How to Apply

Applications are accepted year-round, starting November 1, 2023, with a deadline of February 1st each cycle. Applications should be submitted online. (Link available Nov. 1, 2023)


The number and amount of awards issued annually will be determined by a scholarship committee and based on available resources in the scholarship fund. The committee will consist of: Emily Wolfgang, Nanci’s daughter and Black Box Theatre Company founder; and two Black Box board members.