Black Box Theatre Company

Theatre-a-Thon 2024 donation window is now closed!

Thank you to all who gave!

We have a matching donor that will match up to $5,000 if received by 3/1!
We met the matching goal on 2/23!
$17,000 Goal Includes Our Matching Donation 

$50 Purchases a costume piece/buys makeup wipes/buys flowers for the cast for the fall or winter show
$85 Purchases a wig
$125 Provides a scholarship for a student to take voice lessons
$175 Covers tuition for a student to participate in fall or winter show
$250 Covers tuition for a student to attend a summer camp
$300 Set pieces/covers entire costuming budget for fall or winter show/provides scholarship for a 3rd-8th grader to participate in the spring show
$500 Buys a new body mic for our actors
$1,000 Allows performances to be professionally recorded
$2,000 Buys performance rights for the fall or winter show
$4,000 Buys performance rights for the spring show

Prizes will be awarded to the top three participants who collect the most pledges!
Awards will be given in the form of a check or an Amazon gift card.

1st Place: $250 2nd Place: $150 3rd Place:$50

Participants who raise at least $100 ($200 for families with 3+ enrolled) can attend our Fundraising Party! This will take place at Dull’s Tree Farm on April 28 from 2p-4p

Participants who raise at least $200 ($400 for families with 3+ enrolled) can bring a +1 to our Fundraising Party! The +1 DOES NOT have to be a Black Box student!

Participants who raise at least $250 ($500 for families with 3+ enrolled) will get to pie their favorite teacher! This activity will take place during the Pizza Party on the 4/20 long-day rehearsal.

Participants who raise any type of donation to help us reach our $5000 goal by 3/1 will receive a DQ treat as a thank you at our long-day rehearsal on 4/20.

Pledges must be collected by the end of the packet drop-off session (6:30 PM) on Friday, March 8th to be eligible for prizes.

Remember an “a Thon” is not for you (the parent/s) to be the ones giving but to have your child reach out within their community to raise support for a cause that is important and meaningful to them:)

I’m SO thankful to have found Black Box for my family because it is truly a one-of-a-kind program. I’m amazed by the variety of courses offered and the level of instruction that is provided. The teachers are very intentional in meeting the students at their skill level and helping them to stretch and grow. Being on stage is a very vulnerable experience for anyone, and feeling “exposed” can be quite a deterrent to participation in any theatrical capacity…BUT Black Box creates an environment where that energy is channeled! Black Box staff as a whole really value, encourage, and foster that vulnerability, so that students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them!

It is challenging to pick only ONE favorite thing about Black Box because there are so many things that I love. If I had to narrow it to one, I would say that my favorite thing is that Black Box gives many opportunities throughout the year for students to be engaged with the community, to have time on stage, and to have frequent interaction with a live audience. Seeing students progress over the months and years has been quite an amazing experience!

Black Box has taught me/reminded me of the value of introducing the performing arts to kids at a young age and creating a sense of community that fosters individuality and free expression!

If I had to describe Black Box in one word, it would be “welcoming.” I say that because Black Box is a very inclusive, supportive, and safe place for all kids and adults who are interested in developing and refining their craft.