Black Box Theatre Company

Community Show | The Elephant Graveyard

Auditions May 17 & 18
Shows June 27 & 28

No Participation Fee

Director Brandy DeVol Moss

Youth aged 14 & up and adults of all ages

Auditions May 17 & 18
Rehearsals June 12-13, 18-19, 25-27
Shows June 27 & 28 at Lebanon High School

Main Themes: Justice, Morality
Genre: Drama

It was 1916. There was a town. There was a circus. There was a murder. When the Sparks World Famous Circus pulls into the quiet town of Erwin, TN, the residents of this sleepy little place can hardly contain their excitement. But, when a member of the circus commits a gruesome crime, the townspeople demand justice. Building on both historical fact and legend, Elephant’s Graveyard questions how good people can, if only for a moment, turn into monsters who unleash a deep-seated craving for spectacle and revenge.

Elephant’s Graveyard will be presented as a community production and will be open to youth aged 14 & up and to adults of all ages.

Please come to auditions with a monologue prepared (between 30 seconds – 1 minute) and also be prepared to be asked to do a cold read from the script.

***Elephant’s Graveyard is a true ensemble show. Most actors will be required to be on the stage the entire show and most roles have a comparable number of lines. The content of the show does involve dialogue referencing violence toward animals. The calculated discomfort of this dialogue leads to a bigger discussion allowing us to compare and contrast human and animal nature.***

TRAINER Loves his work
BALLET GIRL A showgirl in control
TOUR MANAGER Bit of a bully
STRONGMAN A proud muscleman from Europe’s far-off shores
CLOWN A comedian with an inferiority complex
HUNGRY TOWNSPERSON A steel-trap memory
MARSHAL Keeps the peace
PREACHER Doggedly hopeful
STEAM SHOVEL OPERATOR Looking for escape
YOUNG TOWNSPERSON Excitable dreamer
ENGINEER Confident time is on his side