Black Box Theatre Company

Collin, Student

The people at Black Box are what make it a special place. Everybody at Black Box is super nice and they help me learn and challenge me. I love spending time with the friends I’ve made at Black Box. I would not have discovered that I love to sing and act without Black Box. Black […]

Elise, Student

Black Box means being able to be yourself in a safe space. It means no unkindness, no unfairness, and no limitations! It means throwing all your energy into a role and having none left over. It means celebrating when you get a part, but most importantly, it means creativity in its purest form.

Vivian, Student

When I think of Black Box, the first word that comes to mind is home. As a kid, Black was the first place I wanted to go after school. The directors, volunteers, and fellow students have always welcomed me with an open hand and mind. They let me share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with […]

Anna, Student

To me what makes Black Box special is how no matter what no one feels left out. Black Box is extremely inclusive and there truly is a place for every single person here. Even if you aren’t into performing! Especially now with all the new classes and teachers the Black Box has. It truly is […]

Ainsley, Student

My one word to describe Black Box is “friendly”. Black Box is very including and it’s like a second home. My favorite thing about Black Box has been that we do a musical every year and we are given a lot of opportunities at camp and through other areas. Black Box has taught me that […]

Claire, Student

Inspiring is how I would describe Black Box Theatre Company! It is a place where children of all ages and interests can explore their passions in an encouraging and fun environment. I love how Black Box has so many choices of classes and productions. I have made so many friends with similar interests. After my […]